NIUE 2020 - $5 Zheng He Famous Explorers 2oz


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NIUE 2020 - $5 Zheng He Famous Explorers 2oz NIUE 2020 - $5 Zheng He Famous Explorers 2oz NIUE 2020 - $5 Zheng He Famous Explorers 2oz


NIUE 2020 - $5 Zheng He Famous Explorers 2oz

Face value $5
Country Niue

Silver 0.999 

Quality Antique Finish, High Relief, Porcelain
Size 45.00 mm
Weight 62.20 g
Mintage (pcs) 500 
Certificate COA Yes
Box Yes 
Date of issue 2020
Available from 01.2021 may change

Zheng He was an explorer, a diplomatic agent and a commander in chef of the great Chinese fleet. As a trusted deputy of the Chinese Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty, he was given an extraordinary mission to accomplish. In 1405 Zheng He set out on his first sea expedition - between 1405 and 1433 the Chinese armada sailed over the Indian Ocean and made seven trips. Zheng He managed to establish diplomatic relations on a unique scale. His expeditions contributed to the development of trade and navigational knowledge. They were considered a demonstration of Chinese power.

The revers presents the powerful admiral Zheng He, who is leading his armada to the "Western Oceans". In the background there is a baochuan - probably the largest wooden ship ever built. The obverse refers to the Chinese origin of the discoverer by showing the famous Mulong tower, a classic of Chinese architecture.

This unique coin was struck from 2 ounces of pure silver. To give it an antique finish, matching the greatness of the hero, the coin was oxidized.
The coin is decorated with a porcelain insert, which was hand-painted with the greatest attention to detail. 

274,99 EUR
Manufacturer Mennica Polska
Availability Available
Views 41

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